About Us

We are a well established and reputed company in New Delhi, India. We are offering our products and services all over the world since our inception. We have many manufacturing units located different parts of the country to get easy access to raw materials and resources. The engineering team of our company also remains active throughout the manufacturing process in order to ensure smooth and error free performance. Once a plant is manufactured at our facility, we do not allow it to be shipped without being run and checked by numerous teams by different angles. Even we invite our customers to see the prepared plant in running condition before being shipped.

Engineering expertise

Being a reputed and well established company in India, we have international collaboration to update our engineers with the newest technology and other developments in the industry time after time. Sometimes, we send our engineers abroad; on the other hand, sometimes our partner companies approach us to train our engineers. We hire qualified and experienced engineers in order to perform each task with perfection.


Our technology is the latest in the industry as we have international collaboration to get the latest one. We upgrade our technology with the assistance of our international partners in order to ensure we offer our customers the latest one. We believe in high quality plants and without the latest technology, we cannot fulfill our dream of high quality and long lived machines. Technology not only ensures performance of machines, but also makes sure longevity.

Customer care

Our customer care services are also very fast and accessible to all round the clock. Whether someone is our customer or not, we serve everyone whosoever contact us for information or services. The department remains active round the year and can be reached through all medium of communications. Even if you want our technical details or pricing, just call us. We give response to all mails round the clock.